Twenty-Three Proofs That the Lives of American People are Absolute Failures


These 23 points are irrefutable proof that Christianity and Capitalism have completely failed just considering the secular standards of human civilization as opposed to savagery and barbarism.  Because modern men have worshipped women, money and their games instead of searching out the wisdom of God their life’s work is being fleeced in the family courts. The solution to our problems is very simple: we must end the Christian Church, we must end the Industrial Revolution and we must establish Agrarian Patriarchies as patterned in the Old Testament of the Jewish Bible.  The only way men can ensure their place in society is through hard work. This has been confirmed in the modern Amish and Mennonite societies where, even though their philosophies are pathetic, the manual labor of the men ensures their stable and orderly civilization from the wiles and machinations of revolutionary victimhood.

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