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The Ultimate Guide Against Neo-Nazis and the Alt-right

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The Hard Proof the Church Not the Jews Are to Blame

Veritas__Aequitas - Freemasonry Demystified - Full Documentary

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Five Years of Political Mastery

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Jesuit/CIA Takeover of the Papacy not Jewish Freemasonry

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Kamala Harris Speech at Jesuit St. Ignatius Church Admits being Jesuit Trained

Mountain View

White House Chief of Staff,
Irish Catholic, Jesuit trained John F. Kelly

Neo-Con Libertarianism Created by Jesuit Order

Jewish History and Jesuit Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism

Who Has the Financial Power?

Social Problems

The Jewish, Calvinistic and Biblical Foundations of the High British Civilization

Excursus on Nazi Germany

Excursus on Communist Russia

The Catholic Roots of the Nazis and the Modern Alt-Right

The Holocaust

Vatican II


Controversies Concerning the modern Nation of Israel


South Africa

JFK Assassination

The Jesuit Roots of the New Age Movement

The Khazar theory


Christian Identity/Black Hebrew Israelites Claims Debunked

Trump's Civil War and Martial Law

Blatant Neo-Nazi Lies