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Projects and Retractions

Projects I am currently working on:

  • Patrick Fairbairn, The Revelation of Law in Scripture Review and Essay

  • Socinianism and the Racovian Catechism

  • Ether and Modernity by Jaume Navarro

  • Revising my book on the Common Law

  • The Garbage Generation, by Daniel Amneus

  • Rise of Derelicts: How Modern People Glorify Their Failures in a Sanctimonious Costume Ball of Victimhood: Feminists and NEETs Patrolled, by Drake Shelton the Southern Israelite

  • The Book of the Damned, by Charles Fort

  • Earth Science vs Astronomy - William R. Corliss

  • The Freedom of a Christian, by Martin Luther

  • Apostasy and Antichrist, by Holy Trinity Monastery

  • A Rosicrucian Notebook, by Willy Schrödter, see also Thomas Gataker

  • The Watchtower & the Masons by Fritz Springmeier

  • Angelology and Demonology, Daemonologie by King James

  • Hermeneutical Manual (on Angels, pg. 225 et al.), by Fairbairn

  • Historiography: is History a Conspiracy? - Historiography: Secular and Religious, by Gordon Clark

  • On Merit and the Forgiveness of Sins, and the Baptism of Infants, by Augustine (Against the Pelagians) link

  • On Exorcism link

  • The Origin of Paul's Religion, by J. Gresham Machen link

  • Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy, by B.B. Warfield link

  • Quakerisme the Path-way to Paganisme, by John Brown of Wamphray link

  • Dr. Edwin A. Abbott on the Genuineness of Second Peter by B.B. Warfield, by B.B. Warfield link

  • Ecclesiastical History of the English People, by Venerable Bede link

  • History of Queen Elizabeth, by Ridpath, Vol. 13, pgs. 277 et al. link

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Errors I have found in my books:

  • A Defense of the South Against the Jesuit Counter Reformation, pg. 100: "Many Southerners are surprised to find out that Robert E. Lee was Court Marshaled for his behavior in the war."

  • Why I Left the Christian Church, pg. 107: "There was a specific injunction in Numbers 9:10 to address Israelites who could not attend the Congregation yet could observe the Passover." In verse 11 we read that he was to come home and keep the feast in his community a month later.

  • Premarital sex and Secular Prostitution is not a sin.

  • Isa. 7:14 does not refer to Hezekiah.

  • In my 35 Differences Between Biblical Religion and Pagan Religion in Yechezkel Kaufmann’s The Religion of Israel pg. 11 I say,

    “The words said of Joseph divining in Gen. 44:5 are not Joseph’s words. Those were his servant’s words. Joseph was known for not only interpreting but seeing men’s dreams. This was his pagan servant’s interpretation of his power which was only from Elohim not skill in sorcery.”

    Ten verses later we read:

    “15 And Joseph said unto them, What deed is this that ye have done? wot ye not that such a man as I can certainly divine?”

    Those are Joseph’s words.

  • Porn is not a safe alternative to Western Women. Porn can damage your mind and cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Though western science has advertised itself as being based on the Empirical Inductive school of Epistemology, I have through the years teased out of them they they really are based on the Abductive Story-Telling school of Epistemology.