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Mountain View

Projects and Retractions

Projects I am currently working on:

  • Messianic Prophecies List
  • 613 Commands
  • Law
  • Math is not Reality
  • Industrialism vs Primitivism
  • Books on Mafia Organization (As Instructive to our Future Community)
  • Economics Book
  • Cessationism
    • An essay on the book Charismatic Chaos
    • Exorcism
  • Islam and Sam Shamoun
  • Shields, Hind Let Loose
  • Christian Identity
  • Angelology
  • Politics Series: Bush, Obama, Trump Administrations
  • A Critique of Kevin McDonald's Work The Culture of Critique
  • E. Michael Jones Books
  • A full critique of the work of Joseph Atwill
  • Genesis Commentary
  • The canonicity of Jasher
  • Historiography
  • John Loftus Atheist Series
  • Van Til Series

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Errors I have found in my books:

  • A Defense of the South Against the Jesuit Counter Reformation, pg. 100: "Many Southerners are surprised to find out that Robert E. Lee was Court Marshaled for his behavior in the war."
  • Why I Left the Christian Church, pg. 107: "There was a specific injunction in Numbers 9:10 to address Israelites who could not attend the Congregation yet could observe the Passover."
  • Premarital sex and Secular Prostitution is not a sin.
  • Luke 3 can refer to Jesus as the son of God instead of Adam.
  • Isa. 7:14 does not refer to Hezekiah.