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This publication exists as the platform of a new Nation created for the British and Northern European Protestant people for their survival as an ethnic collective upon the Southland of America and the continuation of the Protestant Reformation. Please see my article The Seven Doctrines of the Modern Church that Are Destroying America to introduce you to the need of a new Reformation.

The following principles constitute the philosophical platform upon which our new Nation will be built:

1. Revelation Epistemology in the Bible. That is that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, except for the books of James, 2 Peter and Jude, is the only infallible rule of knowledge, faith and practice; acknowledging the need for other fallible rules of faith and practice.

2. Private Judgment, i.e. Protestant Rationalism.

3. The Coherency Theory of Truth.

4. Semi-Arian Strict Monotheism.

5. Flat-Earth Geocentrism.

6. Patriarchalism.

7. The Protestant Regulative Principle of Worship.

8. The New Covenant made with Yeshua is not the Sinai Covenant but the Covenant of Grace made with Abraham.

9. The 5-Points of Calvinism (The Doctrines of Grace) which have at their core the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement.

10. The 5 Solas of the Protestant Reformation denoting the free justification of a sinner by the merits of Yeshua Messiah alone, received by the instrument of faith alone.

11. Nazarene Judaizer Ethics which sees the Law of Moses as being a righteous standard of morality for a fallen people in the fallen world in which we live.(This is not to be confused with Plato's Ideas of the eternal Forms. The Law of Moses is not an eternal Law. It is a Law designed to govern a fallen people. We are not living in a state of nature but of sin, thus Utopia through human liberation is impossible.) However, we understand that we are a Gentile people under the New Covenant and the new priesthood established with Jesus-Yeshua.(Heb. 7-10) The details of this will have to be determined in a general assembly. Highlighted certainties here are 7th day Sabbath keeping, clean eating (Lev. 11), and the Levitical feasts (Lev. 23).

12. Biblical Castes, acknowledging that God made man as his image, not woman(Gen. 1:26-27, 1 Cor. 11:7) and therefore men and women have different unequal roles, even individual men are different with different gifts, and that the individual is not sovereign. These points are essential to an organized civilization. We must repudiate the idea of universal equality. Universal equality is universal chaos. The Bible teaches an equality of penal justice, but not an equality of privilege and franchise.

13. The Protestant view of Divorce.

14. A renunciation of the soul doctrine with its accompanying asceticism and perfectionism. We adhere instead to a Flat Eart materialist philosophy and see man as a completely material/physical being created to enjoy a material physical reality. Thus, Yah the creator gave alcohol and other pleasures such as music and dancing for moderate enjoyment.

15. That Yeshua is head of the church or congregation, not the Pope or any state official.

16. Observation of the Kiddush, sometimes called the Lord's Supper which is not the Passover, but the traditional Kiddush meal.

17. Infant Baptism or household baptism which is linked to patriarchy.

18. We affirm the truth of Annihilationism. We repudiate the soul doctrine and the immortality of the soul which is the basis for the doctrine of eternal torment.

19. Pro-Semitic but anti-Labor-Zionist Biblical National Socialism: This requires the communicant to conform to the dress, cuisine, and art-forms of the British Protestant Southern people. Thus, we are collectivists and authoritarians. Thus, by extension of logic we hold to the Microeconomic position of Modern Monetary Theory.

20. Instrumentalist Philosophy of Science, sometimes also referred to as operationalism. This is linked to #1.

21. We affirm Protestant Historicist Postmillennialism. Dispensational Premilinealism must be utterly repudiated as a Jewish denial of the Messiah. Preterism and Ammilinealism must be repudiated as replacement theology and a denial of the gospel pace a denial of Yeshua's kingship. Both of these views are also pacifistic and therefore treasonous.

I have explained and defended all these points in the books linked above in the Navigation Bar.

In order to begin this work, there needs to be a migration of skilled, devoted and godly people who desire to lay the foundations of a new Nation for our people. If you are interested please email me at