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This publication exists as the platform of a new Nation created for the British and Northern European Protestant people for their survival as an ethnic collective upon the Southland of America and the continuation of the Protestant Reformation.

The following principles constitute the philosophical platform upon which our new Nation will be built:

Beginner level:

Intermediate level:

My Books in PDF:

Our Catechism

The Larger Catechism of New Saxony


Flat Earth Encyclopedia

A Nazarene Response to Modern Atheism

Twenty-Three Proofs That the Lives of American People are Absolute Failures

Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong


Why I Left the Christian Church

130 Reasons to Reject Traditional Christianity for Messianic Judaism

An Encyclopedia Index for Debating Eastern Orthodox Apologists

A Defense of the South

Conquering the Verbal Sorcery of Trinitarianism

Miscellaneous Articles Against the Trinity

Miscellaneous Articles Against the Trinity Volume 2

Controversies With the Jews Regarding Prophecy

Refuting Futurist/Rabbinic Eschatology Reading List

One Hundred and Sixty-Six Theses Against the Jews, the Hebrew Roots, the Ebionites, the Muslims and the Premillennialists

Perennial philosophy

The Noahic Root of Pagan Idolatry

Gender Relations

The Myth of Gender Equality

The 100 Laws of Man’s Sexual Power


A 21st Century Protestant Historicist Commentary of the Book of Revelation

Index and Miscellaneous Articles of Protestant Messianic Eschatology


A Timeline of Jesuit Intrigue


The Spear of Aajonus


The Dooms of New Saxony


Miscellaneous Essays and Articles

Advanced level:

Contact me about my Tier 1 Exam on Epistemology and my Tier 2 Exam on Neoplatonism, Metaphysics and the Seven Ecumenical Councils.
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Tier 1 Exam Study Guide:

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Tier 2 Exam Study Guide:

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