The Southern Protestant

A Continuaton of the House of King Alfred, the House of King Henry VIII and the English Reformation

Mountain View Mountain View Sheriff Jeff Coffey Commits Seditious Libel Against Drake Shelton and the U.S. Government

The Failure and Dereliction of White Christian Men

Christianity/Eastern Orthodoxy Debates

Jay Dyer vs Southern Israelite Debate
I won the debate with Jay Dyer 38-0
Southern Israelite vs Florian Geyer

Sam Shamoun vs Southern Israelite Debate
Shamoun Debate Excursus
The Sexual Failure of Sam Shamoun - Excurcus on the Motives Behind Christian Apologetics
Sam Shamoun Why Christians Worship Jesus Debunked
Sam Shamoun's Oneness Debate Critique

Southern Israelite vs Inescapable Reality(The man ran away from the debate like a total coward. Utterly humiliating!)

See my page against all things Rabbinic

The Hoax

Qualifications to Organize with the Southern Israelite

What Am I Supposed to Do Rather than Porn, Video Games and Drugs?



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American Income Tax: The Greatest Financial Crime in World History

The Children are Free - An Excursus on the American Income Tax

Dr. Grave's course on how to win in court without a lawyer for an Honorary Juris Doctorate

Google Drive(My Books, Essays and Important Articles in PDF and Word)

Southern Israelite's Flat Earth Encyclopedia

Mountain View LINK

Flat Earth Debates

Mega Link for Flat Earth Debates

The Larger Catechism of New Saxony – Complete Summary of Southern Israelite Platform

The Globalist-Jesuit technocrat Agenda and my Game-plan to fight it

Genesis Course(PDF)

Genesis Video series

Main points Against Christianity

Mountain View

Mountain View
The Christian Church is to Blame for Liberalism and Modern Degeneracy
Mountain View
The Christian Church is the Antichrist Religion

Patriarchal Heritage!

Mountain View

Historical Projections 1922-2370

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Mountain View

Trolltunga Norway
Why I left the Christian Church by Drake
Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong: An exposure of the modern American patriot movements by Drake
Northern Lights
166 Theses Against the Jews, the Hebrew Roots, the Ebionites, the Muslims and the Premillennialists by Drake
Northern Lights
Conquering the Verbal Sorcery of Trinitarianism by Drake
Northern Lights
A Defense of the South Against the Jesuit Counter Reformation by Drake
Northern Lights
A Timeline of Jesuit Intrigue by Drake
Northern Lights
Index and Miscellaneous Articles of Protestant Messianic Eschatology by Drake
Northern Lights
The Myth of Gender Equality by Drake
Northern Lights
225 Reasons Why I Believe the Earth is Flat by Drake
Northern Lights
130 Reasons to Reject Traditional Christianity for Messianic Judaism The Theology of the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the Eastern and Roman Churches Refuted by Drake
Northern Lights
Examination of Pelagianism and Open Theism by Drake
Northern Lights
An Encyclopedia Index for Debating Eastern Orthodox Apologists by Drake
Northern Lights
Refuting Futurist/Rabbinic Eschatology Reading List by Drake
Northern Lights
The Spear of Aajonus The Germ Theory Refuted by Drake

Southern Israelite

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